Covid Mask

Covid-19 Safety Measures

In order to protect our staff and our customers, the
following changes will be implemented in our
salon until further notice.

Safety Measures


Screens will be fitted between workstations to provide a protective barrier between workstations preventing transmission of germs and viruses between our clients.


Our stylists will be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to prevent transmission of the disease between customers and stylists.


Staff will wear a visor in addition to a face covering. Visors are recommended but face masks are mandatory. Customers are also required to wear a face covering.


Following the government guidance, to minimise risk, we are not allowed to wash and blow dry your hair at the salon unless you are having a perm or colour treatment. So please wash your hair at home before you come for your haircut.


We are not allowed to offer hot or cold drinks. However, you are welcome to bring your own refreshments.


We are not permitted to allow customers to wait inside the salon for their appointment - or to bring a friend. We will need to clean the salon between appointments - so it is important that you are not late for your appointment as this could impact other customers. 


Our services will be provided on an appointment only basis. i.e. no walk ins.


Following government guidance, our stylists will be less talkative than usual and we will ask the same of you. We are not being rude, it is just that talking loudly is a risk factor in transmitting the disease.